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Vleeshandel De Waele

Addresse Steenweg op Deinze 49B
9880 Lotenhulle (Aalter)
Tél. 093445399
Fax +32 (0)9 3430606
E-mail info@vleeshandel-dewaele.be
Numéro(s) d’agrément F27


  • Atelier de découpe


  • export d'abats
  • export viande porcine

Forme de commercialisation

  • Surgelé
  • Carcasses
  • Abats
  • Viande emballée sous vide
  • Découpes

Types de produits

  • Abats
  • Viande porcine

Cahiers des charges

Febev Plus Varken

Details de société

Year constructed
1984 and full renovation in 2009 (with new floors, new walls, new doors and new chillers).
Total land Area
6503 m²
Total built-in area
1550 m²
Types of products manufactured
Pig meat and edible slaughter products : fresh and frozen
List of countries that have approved the establishment to export
Australia, Cuba, Japan, South-Africa, South-Korea, Vietnam, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, etc...
Description of the area where the establishment is located
The establishment is located in a semi-industrial area / agricultural area, in the surrounding there are no polluting activities
Staff information (number of employees, qualifications, etc.)
There are 22 workers: 9 fulltime workers and 13 workers from subcontractors. All workers in the production rooms have the qualification as butcher
Number of shifts
1 shift/day
Slaughter capacity (tones) per shift
Not applicable, only cutting plant
Number of working days per week
5 days a week
Total annual slaughter capacity (tons)
Not applicable, only cutting plant
Boning/cutting production capacity (tons)
Minimum 35 tons / day, good for minimum 9000 tons / year
Edible offal handling capacity (tons)
- Red slaughter products : Minimum 3 tons/day
- Other slaughter products : Minimum 7 tons/day.

Refrigerators (capacity, number, type)
All chillers (5) and the freezer (1) are air blast and work with freon (R404A)
- Chiller carcasses : 300 to 350 pigs
- Chiller red slaughter products : 8 tons
- Chiller pieces 1 : 100 tons
- Chiller pieces 2 : 30 tons
- Chiller slaughter products : 10 tons
- Deep Freezer : 100 tons

Nos partenaires

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