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Exportslachthuis De Coster NV

Address Bruggestraat, 140 A
8755 Ruiselede
Tel. 051688078
Fax +32 (0)51 687812
E-mail administratie@slachthuisdecoster.be
Approval number(s) 51 51/2


  • Deep freeze storage
  • Slaughterhouse
  • Deboning facilities
  • Cutting facilities

Commercialisation form

  • Deep frozen
  • Carcasses
  • Offal
  • Vacuum¬†packed meat
  • Cuts


  • export of offal
  • export of porc

Kind of products

  • Porc

Febev Plus Varken

Company details

Year constructed
1950 : construction first slaughterhouse, numerous extensions between 1950 and 2016; 2010 extension of stunning and scalding area incl. CO2 stunning; 2015 construction of new refrigerators incl. spray cooling system; 2016 construction of cutting and packing department for pork by-products. In 2018 the cutting and packing department was extended by 2500 sqm, having a total surface now of 3300 sqm, together with an additional fridge for prok sides with destination cutting departement.
Total land Area
6.5 ha
Total built-in area
1.65 ha
Types of products manufactured
pork : pork sides, pork by -products, cuts
List of countries that have approved the establishment to export
Licensed for export to Republic of South-Africa, Japan, Australia, Republic of South-Korea,Singapore, P.R.C.
Description of the area where the establishment is located
Establishment is located in an industrial area and agricultural environment
Staff information (number of employees, qualifications, etc.)
Total staff : 100 FTE
Direction and management : university or higher education
Continuous formation of production staff and supervisors

Number of shifts
1 shift/day
Slaughter capacity (tones) per shift
500 ton / shift
Number of working days per week
5 days a week
Total annual slaughter capacity (tons)
115 000
Boning/cutting production capacity (tons)
200 ton/day
Edible offal handling capacity (tons)
45 ton/day
Refrigerators (capacity, number, type)
All refrigerators are air blast on a central ammonium system ( except spray cooling ). 6refrigerators for pork sides with a total capacity of 5200 pork sides. Red slaughter products refrigerator with a capacity of 15 tons. Refrigerator of packed products with a capacity of 60 pallets.

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