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De Stoop

Address Eugène Bekaertlaan 14
8790 Waregem
Tel. 056688987
Fax +32 (0)56 687152
E-mail destoop@varkensversnijderij.be
Approval number(s) F753


  • Cutting facilities

Commercialisation form

  • Deep frozen
  • Vacuum packed meat
  • Cuts


  • export of porc

Kind of products

  • Porc

Febev Plus Varken

Company details

Year constructed
Total land Area
5000 m²
Total built-in area
3600 m²
Types of products manufactured
List of countries that have approved the establishment to export
South Korea, Japan, Russian Federation, South Africa
Description of the area where the establishment is located
Industrial area
Staff information (number of employees, qualifications, etc.)
40 workers
Number of shifts
1 shift/day
Slaughter capacity (tones) per shift
Number of working days per week
5 days a week
Total annual slaughter capacity (tons)
Boning/cutting production capacity (tons)
60 tons/day
Edible offal handling capacity (tons)
Refrigerators (capacity, number, type)
2600 m², cold storage

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