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Vleesbedrijf P. Wils

Address Industriezone Klein Gent - Bouwelven 15
2280 Grobbendonk
Tel. 014233835
Fax +32 (0)14 233890
E-mail info@vleesbedrijf-wils.be
Approval number(s) F721


  • Cutting facilities


  • export of porc

Kind of products

  • Porc

Febev Plus Varken

Company details

Year constructed
Total land Area
20.000 m²
Total built-in area
5.000 m²
Types of products manufactured
Pork: cuts from the pig head
List of countries that have approved the establishment to export
West Africa- South Africa -Vietnam - Hong Kong - Taiwan - Japon
Description of the area where the establishment is located
Industrial area
Staff information (number of employees, qualifications, etc.)
+/- 40 Employees
Number of shifts
1 shift/day
Slaughter capacity (tones) per shift
Not applicable, no slaughtering
Number of working days per week
5 days a week
Total annual slaughter capacity (tons)
Not applicable, no slaughtering
Boning/cutting production capacity (tons)
85 tons of pork heads / day
Edible offal handling capacity (tons)
Deboning pork heads : 85 tons / day
Refrigerators (capacity, number, type)
- 2 shock freezers (-25°C), Air blast, 50 pallets each = +/- 90T
- 1 storage freezer (-18°C), Air blast, 1400 pallets = +/- 1.200T
- 2 cold stores (3°C), Air blast, 100 pallets each = +/- 200T

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