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Vleeshandel De Waele

Address Steenweg op Deinze 49B
9880 Lotenhulle (Aalter)
Tel. 093445399
Fax +32 (0)9 3430606
E-mail info@vleeshandel-dewaele.be
Approval number(s) F27


  • Cutting facilities

Commercialisation form

  • Deep frozen
  • Carcasses
  • Offal
  • Vacuum packed meat
  • Cuts


  • export of offal
  • export of porc

Kind of products

  • Offal
  • Porc

Febev Plus Varken

Company details

Year constructed
1984 and full renovation in 2009 (with new floors, new walls, new doors and new chillers).
Total land Area
6503 m²
Total built-in area
1550 m²
Types of products manufactured
Pig meat and edible slaughter products : fresh and frozen
List of countries that have approved the establishment to export
Australia, Cuba, Japan, South-Africa, South-Korea, Vietnam, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, etc...
Description of the area where the establishment is located
The establishment is located in a semi-industrial area / agricultural area, in the surrounding there are no polluting activities
Staff information (number of employees, qualifications, etc.)
There are 22 workers: 9 fulltime workers and 13 workers from subcontractors. All workers in the production rooms have the qualification as butcher
Number of shifts
1 shift/day
Slaughter capacity (tones) per shift
Not applicable, only cutting plant
Number of working days per week
5 days a week
Total annual slaughter capacity (tons)
Not applicable, only cutting plant
Boning/cutting production capacity (tons)
Minimum 35 tons / day, good for minimum 9000 tons / year
Edible offal handling capacity (tons)
- Red slaughter products : Minimum 3 tons/day
- Other slaughter products : Minimum 7 tons/day.

Refrigerators (capacity, number, type)
All chillers (5) and the freezer (1) are air blast and work with freon (R404A)
- Chiller carcasses : 300 to 350 pigs
- Chiller red slaughter products : 8 tons
- Chiller pieces 1 : 100 tons
- Chiller pieces 2 : 30 tons
- Chiller slaughter products : 10 tons
- Deep Freezer : 100 tons

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